SPCBots have been running at St Peter's for almost 10 Years. In 2009 we began after a handful of students attended a robotics boot camp and from this we were awarded our first robot kit. Since then our club has grown in both members and robot parts and we now have enough parts to build 25 VEX and VEX IQ Robots.

SPCBots also have a wide community outreach, running programmes that allow members from local primary and intermediate schools from around the region to build and to complete CS2N challenges. We also have student volunteers who run the VEX IQ scrimmages, and our SPC Bots Alumni also have a strong presence in the Central Robotics Board and running VEX competitions.

SPC Bots has had a history of Success, 2017 - 2018 being our most successful to date when our VEX IQ Teams won the Teamwork Challenge, Design Award, and STEM Research Project Award at the New Zealand Nationals and the Design Award, Build Award, and Judges Award at the APAC held in Rotorua. The VEX Teams won the Educate and Create Award at the New Zealand nationals. Teacher in Charge Mr Stephan van Haren also won teacher of the year at both VEX and VEX IQ. We also had 2 teams qualify and compete at the VEX IQ World Robotics Championships where they won the Inspire Award and also won a Gold Medal at the World Skills Challenge in Sydney.

Robotics is also offered as a subject at St Peter's College. Our senior students have the opportunity to do VEX as part of the Digital Technology, Electronics and Robotics (DTER) course available for all NCEA students to take. We also run a Projects class for year 7 and 8 students which cover the space of 12 weeks, allowing them to design, build and programme a VEX IQ bot, learning basic programming skills at the same time.

SPCBots welcomes your enquiries. Contact us via the email form on the parents page, or follow this link.

VEX and VEX IQ is one of the fastest growing sports around the world and is available in over 50 countries. VEX and VEX IQ robotics also teaches invaluable skills in our ever advancing world. The VEX and VEX IQ is based around the STEM concept which gives students the chance to learn through exploration and increases motivation and desire to succeed.

Every year a new game is released for competitiors which gives students a unique challenge that they must complete, with both driver control and autonomous control. Students, parents, educators, school districts and partner organizations are all using VEX to have a genuine impact in education and competition environments.

VEX Competitors are toolmakers, solution providers and problem solvers.

Learn more about our current games below.

VEX IQ Next Level

VEX EDR Turning Point